Purification Solutions

Purification Solutions

Purification Solutions

With its strong understanding of chromatography, over 40 years, Chemito carves another niche for itself in the business of Purification. With the evolving needs of the industry for enhanced productivity and lower cost of production, Chemito offers a basket of chromatography based Purification Solutions.

The product range including Simulated Moving Bed (SMB), Preparative HPLC, Protein Purification systems, Pneumatic Column Packing Systems, Systems for processing Natural and Biological extracts, an 8-channel Parallel HPLC Systems, Preparative SFC and more, the industry now has a wide gamut of technically advanced solutions to choose from. Wide acceptability of the instruments is evident from the large user base in India and a strong international presence.

Chemito partners with leading, innovative global companies - Knauer, Germany and Sepiatec, Germany to bring their products and solutions to the Indian customer.

Preparative HPLC

The Knauer AZURA Preparative HPLC systems can be operated either stand alone or with the proprietary Knauer 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software for a full automatic control.

The AZURA systems offer flow rates up to 1000ml/min., pressure stability up to 400bar, various detection principals, solvent and peak recycling, auto sample Injection, auto fraction collection based on time (volume), signal slope, signal level and/or spectral similarity. Other system features include sensors for leak detection, RFID recognition for auto detection of different pump heads, variable piston based sample loops with volumes up to 40ml. One can also modify the gradient, hold the pump’s flow during a particular run under Direct Control. The AZURA systems are extremely modular in design while offering convenience and reliability in operation.

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Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)

The Next Step in Chromatography!

Continuous counter-current chromatography, also known as Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography is a highly efficient separation technique in the field of preparative chromatography, for the pharmaceutical industry, production of fine chemicals, and in the field of bioengineering.

Why Simulated Moving Bed?

Simulated Moving Bed is a method in process chromatography that enables pseudo binary mixtures to be continuously separated and extracted in two fractions with maximum yield and purity. Its efficiency is significantly higher than batch chromatography due to better utilization of the column’s stationery phase.

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Purification of Natural and Biological Extracts

Natural compounds are increasingly important in many research and development areas. Their structural diversity is supplemented by the synthetic potential of combinatorial chemistry. New classes of substances to be discovered, the highly diversified nature of these compounds and their chiral properties hold the promise of numerous market opportunities to whoever can find them first. This reservoir of nature is almost inexhaustible. Pharmaceutical research is extensively exploiting it at a larger scale. Access to the inexhaustible reservoir of natural compounds has become much wider in recent years, however the same does not apply to the respective methods of automatic processing.

Fractionation and separation of samples obtained from nature remain time-consuming, tedious and extremely expensive, even though the assays for testing these samples have become faster and cheaper thanks to advanced high throughput screening processes.

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