About Us


The establishment of Toshniwal Instruments in 1962, led to the formation of Toshniwal group, and under the Toshniwal brand name, electronic and electrochemical testing instruments were introduced in the Indian market. Subsequently, products were re-branded as CHEMITO with a new brand philosophy.

Since then, the company has evolved from being a product manufacturer, to a professionally managed, comprehensive solution provider today. Chemito Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (a group company) is today synonymous with quality and technology at the right price.


We are an agile in development and a specialized manufacturer of a range of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) hardware, firmware & software, which applies Advanced & Innovative Technologies. Our extensive, customized product range includes Passenger Information Systems for Road & Rail Transport, Stationery Display (PIDS) and Passenger Announcement System (PAS) on board as well as on the platform / stations for Metro Rail and Railways in order to improve safety, efficiency and service through transmitting real-time information. Our manufacturing facility in India is a modern facility and incorporates the latest and best manufacturing practices for Design, Engineering, Production and Quality Assurance to meet the most exacting demands of our customers around the world.

We have a large, satisfied customer base in India, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and SAARC countries: reputed Bus OEM’s, Bus Body Builders, Public Transport Undertakings, System Integrators for Smart Cities, Metro and Railway projects.

An integral part of our concept of a Total System Solution is Customer Support Activities. A network of market specific customer support centers helps us in efficient customer management and maintaining customer delight.

Make in India is a major national initiative of the Government of India to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and build best in class manufacturing infrastructure in the country to cater to global requirements. Chemito as a formidable partner in contributing to India’s progress through the products that we design and manufacture through our highly skilled workforce at our modern manufacturing facility.

Vision and Mission

To become a leading supplier of ITS Solutions, by providing quality products and unmatched service along with growth and development of human resources. We strive to exceed customers’ expectations and create value for them with Innovative Information, Technology & Communication Solutions.

Brand Philosophy

Chemito is a subsidiary of the Toshniwal Group of companies, which has been growing in India since 1962. CHEMITO brand was created in the late 1970’s as an acronym of CHEMical - Instrumentation - TOshniwal (our core business at the time in Chemical Test & Measurement Instruments) and to differentiate our Company from other TOSHNIWAL companies in India.

The CHEMITO logo, was redesigned in 1997, to become more modern, clean and clear in our communication with the “dot” on the “i” in orange to signify attention to detail and precision. Though our business has changed significantly since the 60’s and 70’s in to the millennium, we believe that our values, and culture have remained the same.

The “dot” on the “I” also signifies our strong foothold in the business of LED technology.
Brand Philosophy
We strive to remain with the same philosophy, i.e. to be:
  • Modern

    in structure & operations

  • Clean

    in our transactions

  • Clear

    in communication

  • Focussed on detail

    in product design

  • Precise

    in our commitments

Our EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and strive to EXCEL allows us to
achieve success in our businesses today.

Quality Policy

We at "Chemito Infotech" are committed to provide quality products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. We strive to gain confidence of our customers as a reliable, Technology Driven System Designer and Integrator, Manufacturer and Service Provider by continual improvements in all our activities.

We will at all times adhere to customer requirements and also all other statutory and regulatory requirements by adopting an integrated business process approach and addressing related risks and opportunities. This shall be achieved through involvement of committed employees.

Quality Policy

Management Team

  • Arun Toshniwal
    Mr. Arun Toshniwal


  • Anurag Toshniwal
    Mr. Anurag Toshniwal


  • Vivek Darakh
    Mr. Vivek Darakh
    Director - Operations


  • Vishwas Punekar
    Mr. Vishwas Punekar
    Chief Technology Officer


Environment Policy

We the management & all employees of "Chemito Infotech" are committed for Protection of Environment by prevention of pollution and fulfill compliance Obligation to our Organization. We will emphasize on minimizing the wastage of resources by ensuring their proper utilization. We shall fulfill the above requirement by continually improving the performance of Environmental Management System.

Environment Policy