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Vehicle Tracking System


Experience a whole new way to connect to your fleet through PANORA (CH-VTS-A1) and be part of a better connected world. The device once connected helps you stay in touch with your fleet & keeps you informed through simple smart phone app and server. PANORA device is built on three pillar of safety, security & performance.

Panora Vehicle Tracking System

PANORA (CH-VTS-A1) is a certified vehicle tracking and emergency alarm solution according to the AIS-140 IRNSS standard with Embedded SIM having dual operator support which ensures that the SIM is never removed & tampered where the auto switching of network maintains the connectivity by either one of the SIM at all times.

Vehicle Tracking

  • Live Vehicle Tracking

    Allows to keep the track of your vehicle/fleet on real-time offering secure vehicle movement.

  • Geo Fence

    Triggers an Alert when a vehicle Enters/Exits Geofence Area.

  • Navigation

    PANORA help you to Navigate Vehicle At Anytime & Anywhere

  • Location Tracing

    GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone.


  • Emergency Alert

    Sends an emergency alert to the server to intervene for any emergency situation through the panic button installed in vehicle.

  • Non Live Vehicle Status

    Non-live/stop vehicle/ Idle vehicle status is displayed on dashboard.

  • Passenger Safety

    Improve Safety with Driver Behavior Insights.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

  • Vehicle Speed

    Facility To Monitor the speed of vehicle as safety measure

  • Fuel Monitoring

    Allows You to Make Actionable Decisions by monitoring fuel consumption.

  • Driving Behaviour

    Improves driving safety by tackling human error, by generating alerts for harsh braking, harsh acceleration & over speeding.

  • Trip Details

    Collects complete vehicle Trip Information.

Live Vehicle Status

  • Over speeding Alert

    Generates an alert to the server while driving beyond the speed limit

  • Vehicle Status

    Can have status on the dashboard with respect to the moving vehicle, stop vehicle, idle vehicle, over-speed vehicle etc.

  • Daily Trip Reports

    Vehicle tracking data can be used to generate various reports at back-end software.

  • Trip ON/OFF

    Scheduling of an arrival-time trip & departure-time trip.